Diablo Delenfer Devil Man

How is this for bizarre?!

Body ‘modification artist’, Diablo Delenfer Devil Man (real name Gavin Paslow) has undergone a series of procedures to transform himself in to the Devil…and all without anaesthetic! Ouch!

Devil Man

image courtesy of Channel 5

‘Diablo’ has undergone extensive tattooing (including tattooing his eyeballs red!), had his tongue forked and created a set of horns with sub-dermal implants.

Most eye-wateringly of all, ‘Gav’, has undergone all of the body modification procedures without anesthesia, as they are unlicensed in the UK.

‘Everything I’ve done, I’ve done fully conscious, fully awake,’ he explains. ‘You see the needle coming towards you and that’s really stressful. You can’t be scared of pain if you’re the Devil Man.’

Diablo Delenfer Devil Man has spent more than £10,000 on his transformation and has, in the past, taken unethical measures to raise the funds. He was found fraudulently claiming more than £3,500 benefits and sentenced to 200 hours community service in 2009.

Don’t think I would fancy this guy servicing my community! Alarmingly he is not alone, we see a growing trend for body modification and bizarre plastic surgery, let’s just hope it doesn’t get too popular!

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