Vanna White Plastic Surgery

This glamorous television personality looks incredible at the age of 56, but is it down to good genes or has Vanna White had plastic surgery?

There are not many women in their 50′s who boast such flawless skin, in fact she looks better than ever. In our Vanna White plastic surgery before and after photos it is clear to see that the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ hostess has undergone some cosmetic assistance much like similarly aged “Queen of Country” Reba McEntire.

Any tell tale signs of age have been smoothed away, and a change to her facial features suggest that a range of plastic surgery procedures may have been employed, and all to good effect!


So has Vanna White had plastic surgery? For more than 30 years, the beautiful Vanna has graced our screens, and although she has never confirmed or denied the rumors, reputable surgeons have openly discussed the photographic evidence that inevitably documents any celebrity’s life.



From studying Vanna White before and after pictures, experts are in agreement that it is likely that White has undergone a range of procedures. Recent images show a tight and smooth appearance to the face, the result of possible facelift, eyelid surgery, cheek implants, botox and fillers. The fine lines and slight sagging captured in photographs around 8 years ago are no longer observable.

It is also likley that White has undergone a rhinoplasty as her before and after images show a more refined shape to the nose.


It is difficult to conclude exactly which measures Vanna has taken to achieve the results she has, but we certainly think she looks great! Here’s to another 30 years of glamour!

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